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host your Private Party at air Conditioned lounge
Want a private soiree at the most fabulous small party venue in the city but don't want to spend a lot of money unnecessarily?  We can help.  The AC staff are pros at throwing the early Saturday evening private affairs.  The kind of great party that happens from 6-9pm, then really takes off when the doors open for the public to join.  
We don't charge an arm nor a leg to keep the venue private for your special event and we keep bar spend minimums low.  Why?  We want you to focus on your guests; fantastic times and sales for the venue usually follow in lockstep when you know you're getting a great deal at one of the premiere party spots in all of San Diego.  As we're fond of saying, we've been Elevating the Celebrating since 2004.
What do previous private party hosts say?:

"I hosted my private birthday party at the Air Conditioned Lounge this past Saturday. The staff at the AC Lounge helped me setup decorations, worked directly with the catering company to coordinate all the food, and generally managed everything so I could focus on having a good time. The venue was perfect size and had the cool vibe I was looking for. We enjoyed great drinks and excellent service all night long. I received tons of compliments from my guests and hope to book the AC Lounge again for future events!!"

- Rick H.


"Hey Gary, I was going to email you earlier this week, but I think I was hungover until Thursday! Hahahaha...Just wanted to thank you for last weekend. Everyone had a blast, and most importantly, so did my wife! Tell your guys that worked that night I said thank you as well, they were awesome!!"

- Shawn E.

Note: Should you require or supply entertainment, there will be an hourly charge for Security as dictated by our entertainment permit by the City

Please peruse our website or stop by in person to take in the AC lounge up close and personal. Feel free to call 619.501.9831 or email

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and providing an outstanding VIP experience for your guests!
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