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host your fundraiser at air conditiond lounge
The Air Conditioned Lounge us a thriving neighborhood dancing & cocktail venue on border of the North Park and Normal Heights. Established in 2004, the AC Lounge, as it's commonly called, has welcomed hundreds of thousands of fun-seeking patrons and is considered the seasoned statesman of the high-quality hospitality establishments now on the corner of 30th & Adams.

As good stewards of our little part of San Diego, we would like to propose an opportunity for 501(c)3 corporations and other community organizations to have access to a well-equipped & dynamic space that they can utilize to host successful fundraisers. Having played host to approximately two dozen similar events annually, we are no strangers to rolling out the red carpet for those groups that dedicate themselves to helping others.
Our primary offering to you will include:
  1. Exclusive use of the AC lounge in a window from early afternoon to 9pm monday-thursday, subject to availability

  2. 20% of Gross Revenues from all beverage sales will be donated to you organization. No minimum spend or rental fee. However, we request that your event has a minimum of 30 confirmed guests.

  3. 100% of admission fees to be retained by your organization. Your organization will also supply personnel to collect admissions, thereby keeping you in complete control of monies and record-keeping.

  4. Bar-staff and event planning assistance.

Note: Should you require or supply entertainment, there will be an hourly charge for Security as dictated by our entertainment permit by the City

Please peruse our website or stop by in person to take in the AC lounge up close and personal. Feel free to call 619.501.9831 or email

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and providing an outstanding VIP experience for your guests!
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